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    First Week of School Memories

    Starting this month, KleinNation will be bringing you a guest blogger each month to share a story about their time as a student in Klein ISD. To start off this new series, our first guest blogger is not only a former Klein ISD student, she is the current Associate Superintendent of Communications and Public Relations at Klein ISD.  Dayna Hernandez (Zelonish), Klein High School c/o 1991 Age 5 - Kindergarten (left) and current photo from 2019 (right)   The first week of school is definitely one of the most exciting weeks to experience that is filled with so many emotions! I can vividly remember entering Klein ISD in Kindergarten in 1979 at Theiss Elementary, and it was a moment that my parents and I nervously anticipated for months.  Our family arrived from Chicago after a blizzard that winter, so the Houston heat was definitely a delight for our family. I had many awesome memories of Theiss, including one of my administrators, Ms. Nancy Radcliffe, and then two of my teachers, Ms. Brady and Ms. Brown. You never seem to forget those people who make great first impressions on you where you truly feel their compassion and genuine care for your well-being. Those impressions lasted my entire educational journey in Klein. 
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    Class of 2020: Join Klein ISD Nation!

    Class of 2020: Join Klein ISD Nation! As we celebrate the Class of 2020 here in Klein ISD, we want to send a special invitation to all our graduates to stay in touch as you move on to the next exciting stage in your lives! You can stay connected by joining Klein Nation, a community made up of alumni, supporters and friends.  Blow are just a few reasons why you should become an Klein Nation member: Directory: Our directory feature allows you to create and edit your profile and find other alumni from your school, making it easier for you to reconnect even after years apart. Blog: Our blog and news feature will keep you informed on all the news coming out of your school so that you can stay in touch and up to date. Events: We maintain a constantly updated list of events and celebrations that will give you a chance to return to your alma mater, reconnect with old friends and perhaps make some new ones! Volunteer: Interested in giving back to your school through methods other than financial contributions? We have a feature that makes it easy for you to find volunteer opportunities based on your available time, your interests and your skills. Becoming a member of Klein Nation is easy. Just click over to the “Join” page on our website, fill out the fields and click “signup.” If you wish to create a public profile, you can give yourself a bio right away, and even connect with your Facebook or Twitter profile.
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